Трайн пикс тепловозы кострома

08.12.2014, 23:17

P N001 "Pobeda" - the revival of BMZ after WWll. The "P" 1-5-0 steam locomotive was one of the perfect steam locomotives on the Russian railways. It designed in 1945 by Lebedyansky, and were made by the several locomotive works in ex-USSR. The serial name "P" is the "Pobeda" ("Victory"), in honor of the victory in World War ll; later this locomotive series renamed as "L" - the "Lebedyansky". In the April, 1946, the Russian Government ordered BMZ (Bryansk Engineering Works)a large party of the the steam locomotives "P". At first it seemed impossible, because the BMZ was fully destroyed in 1943 by the Nazi's occupation army. In April, 1946 the locomotive - assembling shop was only founded. At that time there are no sufficient instrument for work and no sufficient food for people. But this order meant the stable economic positions of the BMZ in a future. The workers, the engineers and the managers worked with the great effort, and they are made the real wonders. For example, the blacksmith Vasily Nisovsky forged the locomotive drafts 48 hours continuously. And in December, 1946, the first Bryansk "P" was successfully tested. It had the personnel name "Pervenetz" ("The First -Born"). In a photo: "The First - Born" in a factory yard.

Photo: unknown author. Sorry, the time partially damaged this photo.
Renewal and scan by Oleg V. Izmerov <>


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